Our Courses for you at 'THE YOGA STUDIO'


We have 60 and 90 minute sessions. Late entry after 5 mins is not allowed. Entry is restricted during prayer session.


M1 : 6.00 am, M2 : 7.30 am, M3 : 9:00 am
E1 : 3.00 pm, E2 : 4.30 pm, E3 : 6.00 pm.

Winters: (Nov, Dec & Jan)

M1 : 6.30 am, M2 : 8.00 am, M3 : 9:30 am
E1 : 2.30 pm, E2 : 4.00 pm, E3 : 5.30 pm.

Special Batches for Practitioners, Beginners, Senior Citizens, Students & Kids.

All Diploma programs will be jointly Certified by “The Yoga Studio”, CEC-A Registerised Society under Govt. of Assam & UGC Recognised - ADTU

Become a Yoga Studio Member

Click on Schedule and proceed to book a class. Else visit us at the center and make your booking in person.

Kindly bring along your identification card for registration.

Payment for the class has to be made before you attend the class.

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