We welcome you to " THE YOGA STUDIO "

Welcome to The Yoga Studio, space for everyone to experiment with and explore the practice of yoga, with expert guidance. The Studio is founded on the belief that yoga should be accessible to all.

We take care to ensure that each class is small enough so that you get the attention and space you need, while our expert teachers provide instruction that is easy to understand.

The Yoga Studio offers a wide range of classes and workshops for practitioners of all levels, whether you are looking to build a solid foundation or take your practice further.

Experiment with our classes to see how you can create your own combination to begin or expand your personal practice.

Teacher Training Program at" THE YOGA STUDIO "

Yoga is a practice that is constantly evolving, which is why we offer opportunities to continue exploring the most up-to-date approaches. Whether you set out to understand an aspect of yoga unfamiliar to you or gain another perspective on a topic, continuing to learn is crucial to your success as a teacher.

The Yoga Studio invites you to advance your practice to support your own self-care and healing, develop your teaching skills and learn from some of the most effective yoga teachers.

We are committed to providing a diverse learning environment that equips our students with the skills that can bring about personal and community change. Teacher trainers are also respectful that students often have different learning styles, and we all do our best to teach effectively with this in mind.

We believe the practice of yoga and meditation helps students gain a better understanding of their unique skills and abilities, enabling them to find a more meaningful engagement with their friends, family, and community.

Our program is unique among teachers' programs in our commitment to cultivating yoga students across a range of experiences, regardless of age, culture or physical ability.

Students in our program will have both the opportunity to observe classes in clinical, community and other settings and, with the teacher’s permission, serve as class assistants. In doing so, they begin to develop skills that enable them not only to work with specific communities, but also to adapt those skills for other student populations.

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Click on Schedule and proceed to book a class. Else visit us at the center and make your booking in person.

Kindly bring along your identification card for registration.

Payment for the class has to be made before you attend the class.

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